Pay Per Click

Online Paid Search Marketing Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) is also called Cost Per Click is a web tool for promoting items, services or products through digital or online media. This service helps in extending the reach of your items, services or products to the targeted users.

WebfyMedia is a leading Pay For Click service provider company best-known for its dedicated experts and broad industry experience. WebfyMedia is in a position to provide you PPC promoting plan with support and value on your organization’s domain. We work with you to deal with your PPC efforts and increase your site’s potential search traffic and eventually, changes and ROI. Conveying high ROI through consistent checking, testing and better focusing of keywords, we are preferred by organizations from around the globe to deal with their PPC campaigns. Regardless of what is your financial plan and whether you have short/long term goals, we can deal with your campaign so you get the highest returns on investment.

Importance of Pay Per Click in your business

Pay Per Click plays an essential role in today’s competitive marketing area. The reasons why PPC is very important are as follows:-

  • PPC has more extensive reach in catching broad volume of quality audience.
  • Cost effective, as the actual amount is charged only when advertisement is clicked by any user.
  • Produce brand promotion and product awareness
  • PPC campaign can be customized according to the requirement of geographical and targeted audiences.
  • Bring good results through high rate of changes.


The pricing difference is depending on the amount of keywords and which search engines you choose. There is a beginning setup expense and a month to month charge that begins 30 days from your sign-up date. Extra monthly deposits will be necessary for every engine to cover your PPC charges. You can set your own particular spending plan, however mostly we suggest you to spending at least $500.00 a month. PPC least rates differ from engine to engine. Yahoo Search Marketing begins at 10 cents/click, Google begins at 5 cents/click (higher for generally keywords). You will need to indicate the highest monthly expenditure for every keyword.

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